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Written by Dawn Brule
on December 08, 2020

A surveillance radar scans radiation beams constantly over a defined volume to locate a target. Hence, its name search radar.

Low Phase Noise Oscillators Satellite CommunicationsFor example, airfield surveillance RADAR identifies and shows the presence and location of aircraft. However, the receiver system needs to be sensitive enough to capture every signal even though this will increase noise and decrease the power of the signal strength, ultimately rendering RADAR operation complex.

The same phenomena occur in air defense systems and in high-end FAA commercial systems. Phase noise can prevent a surveillance system from locking on its intended target when launching a missile.

How can this be solved?

For all intents and purposes, any surveillance system affected in this way would need to be replaced since it can't carry out the primary task. However, this can be prevented by using a low noise amplifier at the receiver system. And this helps increase the signal strength and decrease the noise figure, making RADAR operation smoother.

APITech has come up with great low-phase noise amplifiers that exponentially improve the signal to noise ratio. These amplifiers are some of the best for surveillance systems. They are made from high-quality materials and designed to be a super low phase amplifier.

Why You Should Choose APITech's Low Phase Noise Amplifier

  1. Expertise

Thanks to our research and expertise in amplifier design, we created a product that offers quality ultra-low phase noise performance across the various amplifier product line.

  1. Durability

APITech's low phase amplifier is durable and performs at optimum levels at all times. To ensure this APITech engineers used high quality silicon, hybrid film (thick and thin), chip, and wires. APITech also incorporated the best semi-conductor technology in the market to ensure its amplifier stands out in its quality.

The essential features of the low phase amplifier include:

  • Phase noise performance as low as -181dBc/Hz(10kHz offset)
  • Medium power drivers to 1 watt
  • Frequencies to 35 GHz
  • MIL PRF Class K screening always available
  • Guaranteed (100% tested) performance using high-quality transistors in unique circuits up to 3 GHz.

APITech's low phase noise amplifier is the solution to the critical and difficult missions of real-time surveillance. Our radar systems are designed to meet and surpass today's requirements for surface and air surveillance. Our amplifiers are already working in the defense and commercial system, and this proves our remarkable reliability.

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