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31 Mar 2022
EMI EIS | 5 min read

What is Electromagnetic Interference (EMI)?

Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) is an electromagnetic emission that...

05 Oct 2021
EMI EIS | 3 min read

Electromagnetic Interference in Slip Ring Assemblies

Slip rings are an essential electrical component found in military, in...

25 May 2021
RF EMI 5G | 4 min read

New Product Innovation at IMS 2021

IMS and Microwave Week (IMS 2021) is the first major in-person gatheri...

13 Apr 2021
EMI EIS Testing | 3 min read

EMC Live Testing

APITech’s EMC Technologist, Ed Sveda, joined a panel of EMC thought le...

17 Jun 2020
EMI EIS medical | 2 min read

EMI Filter Assemblies for Implantable Defibrillators

Since their inception, defibrillators have been instrumental in curbin...

12 Mar 2020
EMI EIS aerospace | 2 min read

Aircraft Lightning Protection

Did you know that military and commercial aircraft are likely to be st...

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