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Written by Amy Brown
on February 10, 2021

Ground Control Stations (GCS) are groups of ground-based software and hardware that let UAV operators control or interact with a drone, either by setting parameters for independent operation or by enabling direct control of the UAV.

EMI Filter Assemblies for UAV Ground Control Station

What is a UAV?

UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles), also known as drones, are primarily used by military forces within and outside the US. You will also find UAVs in other sectors where they are used for agricultural and commercial purposes. However, a major concern with UAV design is the EMI noise during their operation.

APITech's power filters are a solution for this! Our EMI filter products suppress EMI on both power and signal lines.

The Need for EMI Filter Assemblies in UGCS

EMI, or Electromagnetic Interference, is the noise caused by unwanted electrical signals. This noise is generated from switching electrical current, which can be suppressed by using an EMI Filter.

How Does an EMI Filter Work?

An APITech EMI filter consists of capacitors and inductors, connected to form LC circuits. The inductors let low-frequency currents travel through and then stop high-frequency currents that are not needed. The capacitors, on the other hand, redirect the high-frequency sound away from the filter's input.

APITech EMI Power Filters

APITech EMI power filter assemblies are of high quality, have rugged construction, and will keep UGCSs protected from electromagnetic disturbances in the toughest of environmental conditions.

Our designs can be custom-made —designed in line with your requirements and specifications. This includes complex designs and the incorporation of value-adds like switches and circuit breakers.

Our product design of this assembly includes:

  1. APITech's Filtered Circular Connectors

 These custom connectors are of excellent quality and have reliable performance. They are fully vertically integrated and manufactured in the USA, providing our customers with high-quality products.

  1. Resin Sealed EMI Filters

The resin-sealed EMI filters have rugged cases with resin seals at both ends. They provide optimal protection in harsh environmental conditions.

Get in touch with us today for all your EMI power filters. Our designs are of high quality, functional, optimized through EMC testing and verifications in APITech's on-site test labs.

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