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Written by Amy Brown
on January 07, 2021

Perhaps, you have heard how smart meters are gradually replacing the conventional meters. What do we know about them?

Current Sense Transformers Smart Meters

What is smart about a smart meter?

Smart meters are devices that adopt the latest technologies in measuring and recording the use of electricity. They do so half-hourly and send automatic meter readings to energy providers.

More importantly, smart meters connect over wireless to our smart devices. That way, we can easily access real-time information about how we use electricity.

Oh! Smart meters are great. But do they always work efficiently?

Users have complained of inaccuracy in the readings of smart meters. Now, that is not to say smart meters are not effective.

On the other hand, they only need improvements. This point is where APITech’s current sense transformers come in.

APITech’s Current Sense Transformers for Smart Meters

APITech’s solution ensures that our smart meters work accurately and functions adequately. Luckily, APITech has a team of highly-experienced magnetic product engineers who have perfected the working principles of magnetic devices.

As such, APITech came up with a lasting solution to our smart meters’ worries with the current sense transformers.

So, how does this transformer work?

APITech’s current sense transformers safely measure electrical current by transforming it from a high level to a simpler, more stable, measurable low level.

In essence, APITech current sense transformer steps down high and volatile currents to a stable one. That way, it assists our smart meters to maintain a correct ratio between the currents flowing through at any given time.

All these amazing improvements wouldn’t have been possible if not for APITech’s commitment to quality. APITech makes use of high-quality, flame retardant, UL temperature, and insulation standards for their raw materials.

Here are some other notable features of APITech’s current transformer:

  • It can support currents as high as 800A
  • It meets a lot of global standards such as UL specifications, measurement Canada standards, and various military standards.

Thanks to APITech and its current transformers, we can now get the best and improved results from our smart meters.

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